Packhouse Management & Food Processing Courses

Pest Management in
Produce Handling Facilities

Course Details

  • Major pest of structures
  • Insect management
  • Residual sprays
  • Ultra-low volume application
  • Aerosols and foggers
  • Insect baits
  • Rodent control
  • Animal access management

Fruit grading & packing

Course Details



You will learn about the following in this module:

·         Prepare for fruit grading process

·         Grade fruit.

·         Complete the grade fruit process.

·         Prepare packing process.

·         Pack fruit.

·         Complete pack process.


Test Procedures

You will be expected to be able to demonstrate competence in the objective as set out above, as well as explain the following:

Reasons for:

·         Preparing work area.

·         Liaising with sorting team regarding standards.


Consequences of not:

·         Grading fruit to specific standards.

·         Identifying and distinguishing fruit.

·         Informing relevant parties.

·         Identifying deviations to grading standards


Reasons for:

·         Selecting and securing sufficient packing material.

·         Marking cartons/containers.


Consequences of not-

·         Completing relevant documentation.

·         Marking cartons/containers.

·         Packing fruit according to customer requirements.

·         Performing final sorting before packing.

·         Identifying grading/classification errors.


Course Details

  • Hygienic practices
  • Causes of food decay
  • General principles of food processing

Drying of vegetables and fruit

  • Sun drying
  • Drying of fruit spreads
  • Uncooked method
  • Cooked method

Canning of vegetables and fruit-

  • Preparation of flasks
  • Canning of vegetables
  • Canning of fruit
  • Making of chutney and jam
  • Several recipes

Preservation with sugar

  • General preparation
  • Sugar/candied fruit
  • Crystallised fruit
  • Glazed fruit
  • Sugared orange peel

Packing Shed Procedures & Basics Of Quality Control

Course Details

  1. Traceability and record keeping
  2. Post harvest chemical treatment
  • Post-harvest dips
  • Post harvest fumigation
  • Non-conventional alternatives
  1. Mass determinations
    • Measuring mass
    • Weighing an object
    • Scale and balance maintenance
    • Balance log
  2. Temperature management in cold rooms and during transport
    • What is temperature?
    • Temperature measurement
    • Monitoring temperature in critical areas
    • Using temperature logs
  3. Intake in the storage and processing facility
    • Setting up receiving procedures
    • Keeping stocks and the use of logs
  4. Cleaning of produce
  5. Sorting and grading
  1. Sampling produce for analysis
    • Sub-sampling and preparation of bulk samples
    • General produce for sub-sampling
    • Sub-sampling of bulk material
    • Sampling procedures and sampling information
  2. Handling procedures in the production line
  3. Produce drying
  4. Packing and palletizing produce

11.1  Using the correct packaging

11.2  Packing of boxes on a pallet